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One-year position to teach ESL and learn Portuguese & Brazilian culture in a small town and safe environment. Program focused on natural language acquisition (Stephen Krashen’s Natural Approach), using learner-centered, motivational, participatory activities. No strict plan or course of lessons. We provide orientation and respect each instructor’s style. Comfortable accommodations and income above the cost of living. Program includes Portuguese instruction (conversation, grammar, phonology), capoeira lessons (optional), and local tours once a month.

Requirements: Native English, experience (especially with young children and kindergarden teaching experience), college degree (prefereble in education, psychology, child education), TEFL/CELTA/TESOL, friendly and lively personality.

Opening for February 2024.

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Santa Cruz do Sul - Brazil


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Native English speaker


College degree (preferable in education, psychology, child education)


Young children and kindergarten teaching experience

Start Date

February 2024

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