Job Description

At Tamaki TEFL Recruitment (TTR), we represent one of the top language schools in Japan. This is a private language school position so the class sizes are much smaller than what you would find in a public school. The teaching style is very active and the use of songs, flashcards, games are all part of the lesson. If you have a lot of energy, this is the right match for you!

This role is teaching young learners from the age range of 2 years to 15 year olds, but the majority of the lessons would focus on 6-12 year old students. There will also be some lessons with children that are 1 years old and for these lessons the parents would be there too. The class sizes are relatively small and are usually 6-10 students per group. We are seeking teachers who are genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about teaching young learners and who have energy, as you’ll need it! Expect to sing lots of songs, do a bit of dancing and play high-energy activities with your students.

Salary & Benefits

1. Monthly salary: 240,000 Yen/month 2. End of contract bonus: 80,000 Yen and opportunities for renewal as well as increase in salary and bonuses 3. Visa sponsorship and full support on obtaining the working visa 4. TTR supports teachers from interview stage up to arrival with the working visa, predeparture guidance, preparation for documentation, general advice for day to day living etc. 5. Two weeks of paid training (Teachers will be observing their trainer as well as teach up to 6 days a real classroom setting in Nagoya or Osaka) 6. Company apartment set up for teachers (teachers move to their location placement after training has finished) 7. Full assistance with opening a Japanese bank account, getting enrolled onto the Japanese National Health Insurance (NHI), welfare support, ongoing training throughout the year, observations and feedback from their local supervisor.

Job Requirements

-Bachelors degree or higher -TEFL certification is not required but is recommended -Native English speaking passport (visa requirement) -Japanese language skills is not a requirement but we would advise to study before departure to make the transition smoother! -Enthusiastic, adaptable and energetic personalities!

Job overview


Over 1,300 locations around Japan


Monthly salary: 240,000 Yen/month

Passport Held

Native English speaker


BA degree & TEFL cert


Not required

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