Job Description

Hello! I’m Vincent. I am currently hiring for English teaching positions in sunny Tainan, Taiwan. Come explore the culture, food, history, and other delights of Taiwan’s ancient capital! Whether you like to wander through museums and galleries, explore incredible temples, hike mountain trails, or relax on the beach, Tainan has something for you.


We are a very well-established company, with modern facilities in our schools, and training for all new recruits to ensure the smoothest transition into teaching. We design our own curriculum in-house, including detailed guides to make lesson planning simple.


Our teachers have different levels of experience. Some have been with us for years, while others are enjoying their first few months in Taiwan and the world of teaching. Our established team of teachers has built a strong connection, supporting each other and providing a welcoming environment for first-time teachers, and socializing on weekends. There is a large expat community across Tainan, and the south of Taiwan generally.


Starting pay ranges from 650 to 700 NTD per teaching hour. You can earn up to 800 NTD per teaching hour with raises. You will also receive a monthly stipend of 3,000 NTD for completing grading and other administrative work. You are guaranteed contract completion bonuses and annual raises, as well as student retention bonuses.


All teachers are guaranteed a minimum of 20 teaching hours per week, and receive flexible vacation days to use throughout the year.


Within the company, there are also ample opportunities for professional growth and career advancement outside of teaching. In addition to pursuing management positions, such as Head Native Speaking Teacher, Principal, or Area Manager, teachers can get involved in projects related to curriculum development, recruitment, and training.


In line with Taiwanese government policy, teachers need to hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, (or an associate’s degree and TEFL certificate) and be from a native speaking English country.

Job overview


Tainan, Taiwan


Up to 800 NTD per teaching hour

Passport Held

Must be from a native speaking English country


Bachelor’s degree, (or an associate’s degree and TEFL certificate)


Not required

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