Job Description

We are seeking a passionate and motivated Native Teacher to join our team at KEDTECH NETHERLANDS based in Rotterdam and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. While our mother company and a close-knit team are based in the Netherlands, this role involves working with our subsidiary, JSKRAMAR S.R.O., located in Zlate Moravce, Slovakia in September 2024, a premier Cambridge English exam preparation center.

Our objective is to help transform traditional language learning by utilizing our proprietary software to implement in-person personalized ESL learning. We believe in the fusion of AI and in-person lessons. This position is ideal for a highly passionate Native Teacher with extensive experience, poised to play a pivotal role in refining content through rating mechanisms. Our goal is to empower educators in the era of AI, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness. We believe that AI will reshape roles lacking innovative thinking, and we are committed to developing software that not only keeps teachers current but propels them to achieve their best lessons. We encourage applications from seasoned professionals worldwide, especially those with experience in Asia, where realistic insights into the challenges we aim to address are paramount.

Sample Candidate Profile :

Eleanor, a lifelong ESL educator, has a rich teaching background in China and Indonesia. Having lived as an expatriate, she intimately understands the challenges and opportunities associated with life abroad. With a desire to contribute to a modern teaching approach, Eleanor leverages her instinct and practical experiences gained over the years. Open to assuming more senior roles, she is committed to continuous learning, attending events, and staying abreast of innovative teaching methods.

As a language instructor, you will be responsible for:

  • Delivering engaging and effective English language instruction with passion for working with people
  • teaching English conversation
  • preparing English learners for Cambridge English Exams
  • beta testing our proprietary LMS system ‘Realspeak’
  • rating realspeak-generated classroom activities and thus helping train our AI models

We are looking for candidates who possess:

  • Strong teamwork skills
  • At least 5 years of teaching experience
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A passport from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America. Please note that due to EU visa regulations, candidates from other countries will not be considered for this position.

Job position details:

  • Type: Full-time
  • Age Range: Very Young Learners to Adults
  • Start date: September 2024
  • End date: June 2025
  • End of Contract Bonuses : Yes
  • Contract: Renewable
  • Location: Zlate Moravce, Slovakia (European Union)
  • Working week: Monday to Thursday
  • Workload: 26-32 lessons per week
  • Compensation: 1100-1300 EUR/month
  • EU VISA Sponsorship: Yes
  • Health insurance: national health insurance


  • Private accommodation provided (Teacher House)
  • Commuting distance: 300 meters
  • Rent: 350 EUR/month, fully furnished, utilities and rent included.

During the interview process, we will also provide information on:

  • The cost of living in the area, including average prices for groceries, transportation, and entertainment, to assist candidates in budgeting and planning for their move.
  • The local culture and customs, including any cultural differences that candidates should be aware of, to aid in their adjustment to their new surroundings.
  • Support for the transition to the new location, including assistance with opening a bank account and obtaining necessary VISA documents.
  • Expectations for involvement in the local community, including volunteer opportunities and networking events, to aid in the integration and connection-making for the candidate in their new location.
  • The availability of English-speaking medical and emergency services to ensure the candidate feels safe and supported in the event of any health-related issues.

JSKRAMAR s.r.o. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, national origin and/or disability. We are committed to creating workplace where all employees are valued and respected.

To apply for this position starting in September 2024, please email your CV to [email protected] .We are excited to hear from candidates who align with our values of innovation, passion for language learning, and dedication to providing high-quality instruction. For more information click here to visit our website.

Job overview


Zlate Moravce, Slovakia


1100-1300 EUR/month

Passport Held

A passport from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America. Please note that due to EU visa regulations, candidates from other countries will not be considered for this position.


A bachelor's degree


At least 5 years of teaching experience

Start Date

September 2024

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