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We are a growing company looking for enthusiastic, passionate, and reliable teachers.
Our teachers use authentic materials, such as storybooks, movies, and novels, to teach motivated youngsters from China. We believe building a strong relationship between student and teacher is important, so we try to keep students with the same teacher for at least 6  months. For this reason we also encourage our teachers bring their own unique style, interrests and personalities to class. We have a great team of students, parents, and teachers who tend to stick with us for a long time.


We are currently looking for teachers who have experience teaching intermediate and advanced students through English. That is, teaching regular subjects while providing ESL support. We are looking for teachers who have experience teaching middle school:

1) Biology

2) Chemistry

3) IELTS, CELTA,TESOL test preperation.

4) Language Arts, with a focus on Writing Skills

Pay is 175 RMB /teaching hour.

Classes are 60 or 30 minutes long, depending on the age of the students.

Each class has either one or two students.

1) Native speaker with bachelor’s degree and TESOL certification or higher. Preference given to certified teachers or those with language arts experience.
2) Experienced teaching young students. Online teaching experience not necessary but a big bonus.
3) Be able to teach a minimum 10 hours per week. Beyond that, the number of hours you teach is up to you, but preference is given for teachers with greater availability.
4) Our classes all take place between 6 and 9 pm during the week and between 8am and 8pm on weekend (Beijing time).
5) High speed internet connection, quiet place to teach, good quality webcam and microphone/headset.
6) Interested in ELL and language arts pedagogy, willingness to share ideas, and always striving to improve as a teacher.

1) Deliver engaging and effective lessons to students of all ages. Teachers should be able to build rapport with the kids in order to provide a stress-free learning environment.

2) Teachers are responsible for their own lesson plans. We provide the materials, access to our resource library, and lesson templates and example plans. Teachers present their lessons in ppt format, using our templates or ones you make yourself.

3) Provide monthly feedback to parents regarding student progress and material covered.

We provide
1) Hourly rate of 175 RMB/hour paid through WeChat or PayPal. After 6 months pay will increase to 180/hour. Paid monthly.
2) Training, resources, and regular feedback.
3) A supportive working environment.

Email your cv and cover letter to Kathryn at  [email protected].
(please note: resumes sent to our old email address will not be considered)

Job overview




175 RMB/hour

Passport Held

Native speakers of English, born in the countries where English is a native language


Bachelor’s degree and TESOL certification or higher


Experienced teaching young students

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