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Seeking Online Volunteer Teachers to Tutor AfghanWomen and Girl Refugees


The Alliance for International Women’s Rights (AIWR) is seeking experienced English teachers who are willing to serve as volunteer online English language tutors for Afghan women and girl refugees.


AIWR English Program Overview:


AIWR is a volunteer-run organization that provides long-distance mentoring and tutoring to women leaders and future women leaders in developing countries, with a current focus on Afghanistan. Because Afghan women and girls are now prohibited from working, attending school, or participating in any aspect of public life, many have been forced to flee to other countries, especially those who were previously in leadership roles. Through its online English Program, AIWR supports these women and girl as they continue to develop into women leaders despite being refugees. For this purpose, the English Program is seeking volunteer English teachers to provide once-a-week, online English conversation practice and tutoring.


The following are more details about the English Program:


• Volunteer qualifications: Each volunteer teacher must be a certified and experienced EFL teacher.

• One-to-one match: Each teacher is matched with one student and meets with the same student once a week.

• Sessions conducted via encrypted apps: The teachers and students meet via communication apps, such as WhatsApp, Signal or Skype. Please be aware that due to low bandwidth, some students are not able to use the video feature and can only use voice and instant messaging features.


• Scheduling and commitment:

o Each teacher and student match will meet once a week for one hour.

o We ask teachers to commit for a minimum of three months.

o Timing: The timing of the sessions varies widely, depending on the time zones and teacher’s and student’s availability. AIWR helps teachers and students find a mutually convenient schedule.

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