Job Description

Teach Adults Online in Group Conversation Classes

We’re seeking passionate English teachers to lead engaging group conversation classes for our mostly self-paced subscription program. If you’re an enthusiastic educator who thrives on helping students enhance their English speaking skills, this role is for you!


  • Lead group conversation classes focused on improving English speaking and conversation skills
  • Encourage students to practice spoken English, fostering confidence and fluency
  • Facilitate student-centered discussions and activities, creating a comfortable and safe learning environment

Detailed Summary

We are hiring 2 teachers to lead group conversation classes as part of a mostly self-paced subscription program. Every day, students can log in to complete activities and watch pre-recorded videos that take them step by step to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. They also currently receive 1 live group class a week with Josh (the owner). This class is offered at 3 different times so they can find a time and day suitable for them. However, we are going to add an additional live group class each week that they will be able to take with one of the two new teachers.

The primary focus of these classes is getting the students to speak and use the English they are learning in the self-paced classes so they can improve their spoken fluency. Many of them understand English much more than they are able to speak it, and they lack confidence in their speaking abilities, so these classes are meant to be safe places in which they feel comfortable getting words out of their mouths and making mistakes. These are student-centered classes, and so we want to decrease teacher talk time in order to increase student talk time. To do this, if there are at least 4 students, after the teacher introduces the topic, conversation questions, and helpful words and phrases (we will provide you with a PowerPoint and Quizlet set for each week), we split into breakout rooms of 2-3 students to give each student more opportunities to speak. The teacher rotates between the breakout rooms, encouraging students and providing assistance as needed.

Days and Times

  • Choose your schedule! Select any two days and times between 10 am and 7 pm Eastern Time for 40-minute classes.
  • Additional class opportunities may arise when other teachers are unavailable

The Students

  • Arabic speakers from the Middle East and North Africa
  • The majority of our students are between 16 and 40 years old
  • Multi-level classes: A2 to C1


  • Native speaker of American English
  • Degree or certificate in TESOL or a related field
  • At least 1 year of experience teaching group classes
  • Strong proficiency with Zoom (breakout rooms, screensharing, helping students, etc.)
  • Strong interpersonal and conversation skills
  • Ability to make students feel welcome and excited to participate



  • $19.50 per hour.  Each class is 40 minutes, so you will earn $13 per class.

Job overview




$19.50 per hour

Passport Held

Native speaker of American English


TEFL cert


At least 1 year of experience teaching group classes

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