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Are you looking for a rewarding and stable position in East Asia? Check us to see if you would make a good member of our team!
Our school is a branch of a large and reputable English buxiban (cram school). Founded in 2020, the school’s director has worked hard to enrich the lives of students and staff alike. Our students come from the local elementary schools with ages ranging from six to fourteen. We use North American textbooks and follow an American curriculum so that our students can experience genuine immersion into the language. The secret to our success here is simple: WE LIKE WHAT WE DO! We cut no corners to provide a meaningful English education for our students.

Yuanlin is a medium-sized city located in central Taiwan. It is small enough to have retained a pure sense of Taiwanese culture. Likewise, it’s large enough to have a number of Western eateries and a sizable foreign community is active here. As it is centrally located, many regions of Taiwan are easily accessible from here.

We are seeking someone to fill a vacancy in July or August, 2024 for the position of full-time & part time teacher. The position comes with a number of duties including approximately twenty hours of classroom instruction per week, continuous curriculum development, classroom and common area decoration, planning and coordinating of special activities, et cetera. This is a small school whose director believes that the native-speaking teachers should have a substantial and visible role in planning and carrying out all instruction and activities. As such, this position allows for each teacher to exercise a great degree of control over lesson planning and the like. On the other hand, the nature of the position requires scrupulous preparation and dedication. It’s a fun, rewarding and meaningful position! The staff and director form a close knit support team and we work together to solve problems and have fun!

This position is a lucrative one and our teachers find no problem living comfortably while saving money. Full-time teachers are paid a basic monthly salary of NT$53,000. Attendance and other bonuses are paid monthly. We also offer one meal and snacks for the teacher. A contract completion bonus of NT $20,000 is paid upon successful completion of a one-year contract.

The successful applicant will:
-Be a native-speaker of North American English
-Have completed a program at an English-speaking, four-year university (B.A., B.S., et cetera)
-Hold a valid passport from an English-speaking country
-Possess qualities of diligence, flexibility, open-mindedness, cultural sensitivity and patience
-Be physically fit as to work nine to twelve hour days and remain active with children
-Have at least one of the following:
1. Experience working in an ESL environment.
2. Hold a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA Qualification

Complete applications must include a CV, a recent photo and a statement of intent/cover letter.
Questions and complete applications may be sent to email:

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Passport Held

Be a native-speaker of North American English


Have completed a program at an English-speaking, four-year university (B.A., B.S., et cetera)


Experience working in an ESL environment

Start Date

July or August, 2024

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